100 corrugated rings extensions


Discover our corrugated rings (or easy loops) rings extensions!

Each package contains 100 extensions For an effortless hair transformation.

Loops are rings extensions designed for simplified cold installation. Each wick is equipped with a small lasso and an integrated metal ring, offering you unequaled versatility to obtain the length, volume and shades of color of your dreams, without compromising the health of your hair.

Why you will love them:

  • Professional quality : Our wicks are guaranteed 100 % natural Remy Hair, allowing you to smooth them, complete and color according to your preferences.

  • Ease of use : No need to manipulate snowshoes! The wicks are ready to use, and the only essential tool is a clogging pliers.

  • Immediate results : Instantly get long, thick and silky hair that will make you feel beautiful.

  • Long lasting : Enjoy your new hairstyle for at least 4 months, without worry.

  • Affordable price : Our fair offer allows you to enjoy results worthy of a hair salon without breaking the bank.

Choose from our 6 colors to choose from : black, dark brown, brown, chocolate, golden blonde, platinum blond. Transform your look in a wink with the 3D hairstyle rings extensions!


    How much to ask?

    80 to 100 strands for a neck, 180 to 200 strands for an entire head.

    How to put them?

    The pliers you need:

    To make the pose, a crushing is essential (to be ordered separately in our shop). There pliers will be used again to remove your additions.

    To remove them, again, the manipulation is simple. There plierswill once again be used to crush the ring in the other direction, it will open and release the wick of extensions.


    3dcoiffure, the dream within reach of locks!