100 steep keratin extensions blonde


Transform your look in a wink: thanks to our Kératin extensions!

Discover the secret of celebrity hair with the Keratin extensions. This hot installation method is the ultimate choice to obtain a natural and durable hairstyle which is perfectly part of the current trend.

Why adopt them?

  • Wicks in 100 % quality natural hair hairdresser (Remy Hair).
  • Ideal for extend And thicken your hair.
  • Perfect for effects such as high -fashionable wicks or scannings.
  • Extensions are ready to use with a hint of Italian keratin of the "U-Nail" type that makes them invisible And undetectable.
  • You can smooth, buckle and even color These extensions according to your desires.
  • Available in two lengths different, 46 and 56 cm, with packets of 100 strands weighing 50 or 80 g (sold by package of 100 extensions).
  • Offering a long -lasting outfit, guarantee during at least 4 months.
  • A affordable price, equivalent to only a quarter of the price in a hair salon.
  • Choose from 7 colors Trend: black, dark brown, brown, chocolate, hazelnut, golden blond, platinum blond.

But how much does it take?

  • For a neck, you will need 80 to 100 strands If you opt for wicks of 0.5 g.
  • For a full head, plan 180 to 200 strands of the same weight.
  • If you choose locks of 0.8 g, you will need 60 to 80 wicks For a neck and 120 to 160 wicks For an entire head.
  • If you have very thick hair or if you are a hairstyle professional, we recommend that you opt for our thick hair extensions of 0.8 g.

You will also find in our shop all the equipment necessary to put your hair extensions as a real professional, including a heating pliers and an crushing.

With 3d hairstyle, the perfect hair dream is now within your reach! Transform your look and experience the experience of a modern and trendy hairstyle thanks to our extensions to keratin.


Quantity : A package contains 100 extensions

Kind : Steep

Color : Blonde

The blonde, a symbol of radiance and brightness, is a timeless shade for hair extensions. Blonde extensions bring a touch of freshness and liveliness to your hairstyle. This versatile color allows you to create a variety of styles, from dazzling platinum blonde to sunny golden blonde. Blonde extensions evoke youth, joy and confidence, adding a radiant glow to your look.


  • Standard 85g
  • Max 120g
  • Max + 160g

How to choose length and thickness?

To have a good idea of ​​the final length you will get your clip extensions kit once, measure 46 cm or 56 cm from your ear.

A standard kit will suit fine at normal hair, but if your hair is thick, your choice should be worn on a max (120 g) or max + (160 g) kit.

3d hairstyle, the dream within reach of wicks!