Homemade adhesive capillary prosthesis - invisible


Discover the excellence of invisibility with our hair prosthesis 

Hair 100% natural and sporting a natural undulation, a density of130%, and a length of15cm, this hair supplement for men ensures a natural and sophisticated look. The base of the Toupet, combiningFrench lace AndCOULD, offers optimal comfort. Available in different sizes (5x7, 6x8, 7x9, etc.) and colors (29 shades), this hair supplement guarantees optimal personalization. Opt for high -end invisibility with3d hairstyle.


  • Hair type : Indian human hair
  • Style : Natural Wave
  • Density : 130%.
  • Length : 15cm
  • Toupet base : Lace & pu
  • Basic material : French lace on the body, thin skin on the back and on the sides
  • Base size : 5x7 6x8 6x8 7x9 7x10 8x10 8x11 9x11
  • Hair color : 29 colors available
  • Density : average 130
  • Hair length : 6"

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