Short blonde bohemum wig


Discover the Bobo Wig blonde synthetic wig, the timeless touch for a fashionable hairstyle in the blink of an eye!

If you are looking for a Look that never gets rid of, Do not look any further. Our blonde wig wig wig, with an elegant bob cut, is the perfect choice for those who want a quick and affordable transformation.

Designed to adapt to All budgets, this wig offers an incredibly realistic result at an accessible price. You don't have to sacrifice the quality to follow the latest trends.

His maintenance is of disconcerting simplicity. No need for a multitude of expensive products: this wig is designed for minimize maintenance while maximizing style. You will save not only time, but also money in frequent shampoos because it only requires little maintenance.

Description :

Length : 35 cm

Weight : 190 grams

Kind : Steep

Color : 27 / 613# -Racines chestnut and platinum blonde

Color 27/613# is a combination of brown roots and platinum blonde, creating a harmony of colors that gives brightness and radiance to your look. The golden shades add a touch of sophistication to the classic bob cut.

With a length of 35 cm and a weight of 190 grams, this wig is Light and pleasant to wear, allowing you to feel comfortable throughout the day.

Do not delay in adopting this style timeless. The steep short blonde boom wig offers you a chic and modern hairstyle without breaking your piggy bank.