Summary ponytail / Synthetic fiber ponytail

Length - Volume

Discover the ponytail range / 3DCOIFURE stiff ponytail!

There ponytail, ponytail Or Hairpiece... This is another way to go from short to the long look. Your hair is extended and radically transformed!

Ready to install!

  • Synthetic fiber hair Kanekalon
  • Elastic fast tightening
  • Small pins For a great outfit
  • The double effect Lnubgorum And Volume immediate
  • There simplicity and the speed deposit !
  • There transformation instantaneous silhouette
  • Hairdressing possibilities: ponytail, maxi-mass, romantic bun
  • His pretty colors that blend with hair: black, brown, blond platinum scan, platinum blonde, brown brown brown
  • His price !

How to lay your ponytail?

  1. Brush your hair and make your ponytail as you are used to (behind, high, on the side ...) and hold it with elastic or pins.

  2. Hang the comb in your little bun

  3. Tighten the elastic, in order to close and fix the postage

  4. To remove it, remove the bun pins, unroll the free wick, detach the velcro and defeats the clip

  5. Style your ponytail using a soft brush and stor it carefully in your pocket or in a box


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 3dcoiffure, the dream within reach of locks!