Easy hairstyles in a few minutes

Looking for an easy hairstyle for hurried mornings? Discover our most trendy suggestions.


Wavy ripples

End your hair or extensions in a loose braid. Pass the straightener for a few seconds on each centimeter of the braid, detach it and fix everything with lacquer.

Trick : Work your undulations with a little salt water spray to give them a textured effect.


The half bun

Female and glamorous, the half bun is an ideal hairstyle for long hair. To make it, separate your hair into two horizontal parts then tie the upper part into a loose bun. You can also slightly complete your lengths with an iron to accentuate the romantic side of this look.

Trick : For an even more sophisticated look, make three braids stuck with the upper part of your hair before attaching your bun.


An ultra -bulky ponytail

End your hair in a high ponytail around which you will wrap your Ponytail posthe. What offer you dream hair in just a few minutes.

Trick : Plate your natural hair against your skull with a little gel or lacquer to accentuate the volume of your ponytail.

The headband

Take up your hair and then pass a headband around your head. Raise your hair and make it pass through the headband, hiding the tips inside the hairstyle. Attach everything with pins and lacquer. Easy and quick!

Trick : Use some clip extensions or some Adhesive extensions To add volume to your hairstyle.