No, adhesive extensions do not damage your hair

Adhesive extensions: sublimate your beauty without damaging your hair

You dream of changing your look without sacrificing the health of your hair? Discover the Adhesive extensions 3dcoiffure, designed in hair 100% natural, offering an uncompromising metamorphosis on hair health.

Wandpy adhesive extensions Strong adhesive extensions

Adhesive extensions, a respectful beauty asset

One of the main concerns when using extensions is potential to damage natural hair. 3DCOIFURE adhesive extensions stand out in preserving health From your hair while offering an exceptional style.

Adhesive Adhesive Technology

Thanks to our advanced adhesive technology, the application and withdrawal of extensions are slowly, eliminating the risk of breakage or damage. The adhesive formula is specially designed to ensure a safe outfit without causing stress Useless to your hair.

Our technique:

You can use a remover for hair extensions or perform a preliminary brushing Then a Cleaning with soft shampoo et al'Hot water followed by rinsing abundant with hot water. Finally, proceed to a Brushing on damp hair, which facilitates the withdrawal of adhesive bands without damaging your hair.

Dazzling results without compromise

3DCOIFURE adhesive extensions allow you toexperience various styles Without compromising the health of your hair. Whether it is an additional length, colorful volume or wicks, our extensions add a glamor touch to your hairstyle.

Easy and safe removal

The process of withdrawing adhesive extensions is as important as their application. Our withdrawal method is Simple and safe, ensuring that your hair remains intact and healthy.


Opt for 3DCOIFURE adhesive extensions for an unparalleled hair experience. Combine style and well-being with extensions designed to enhance your beauty, without compromise on the health of your hair. 

Adhesive extensions

Adhesive extensions