Transform your hair in the blink of an eye with our Mono Strip Clip Extensions!

Do you dream of long, voluminous hair in an instant? Look no further! Discover our brand-new single-strip clip-in extensions, the perfect solution for thickening and lengthening your hair in one easy step.

Single-strip Clip Extensions: The Hair Revolution! 

We've heard your requests and we're proud to present our single-strip clip-in extensions. Designed to simplify your beauty routine, these extensions are made up of several strips of hair sewn onto a single clip. a single weft. With a 25 cm / 10 inch wide piece, it attaches securely from ear to ear, providing instant length and thickness for a complete hair transformation.

Instant, effortless transformation:

Forget long hours spent at the hairdresser's to get the look of your dreams. Our single-strip clip-in extensions let you achieve your desired result in just a few minutes. Simply clip in L'SINGLE STRIP OF HAIR to the base of your hair and that's it! No need for complex techniques or special tools - anyone can use them with ease.

100% Natural Hair for Authentic Results:

At 3DCoiffure, quality is our priority. Our single-strip clip-in extensions are made from 100% natural hair, guaranteeing an ultra-natural, uncompromising result. You can style, straighten, curl and color them as you wish, just like your own hair!

With our single-band clip-in extensions, transform your hair in the blink of an eye and reveal all your beauty in an instant. Easy to apply, natural and versatile, they'll quickly become an essential part of your beauty routine. So, are you ready for an unprecedented hair metamorphosis?