What color to choose for your extensions?

What color of extensions to choose to enhance your complexion?

When it comes to choosing the extension color Perfect hair to complete your complexion, several factors come into play. The color of your skin, the undersea, and your personal preference are all elements to consider. At the house of 3d hairstyle, we offer a wide range of extensions colors, including the black, dark brown, brown, chocolate, hazelnut, blond, platinum blonde, Blond mechy platinum, Tie and Dye Dark Brown/Chocolate, Dark brown golden mined copper, Copper -gorged chocolate, Blond mewithed chocolate, Méché Méché Platinum. So how do you make the right choice?

Understand the undersea

The first step to choose the perfect color is to understand the undersea of your skin. There are generally three categories of undersea : hot, neutral And cold. To determine yours, examine the veins in the inside of your wrist:

  • If your veins seem rather green, you have hot underpons.
  • If your veins are blue or purple, you have Cold underside.
  • If your veins appear between green and blue, you have neutral subns.

Extensions for hot subns

If you have some hot underpons, the colors of extensions that are best harmonized with your complexion are those which have hot nuances, such as Blonds gilded copper, THE copper -golden designed chocolates and the Tie and Dye Dark Brown/Chocolate. These warmer tones will bring a touch of light and radiance to your face.

Extensions for cold subns

For the Cold underside, the colors of extensions that will best suit are those with colder shades, such as BLONDS MACHED Platinum, THE Dark brown golden mined copper and the Blond designer chocolates. These colors will bring a subtle contrast and will highlight the natural beauty of your complexion.

Extensions for neutral subns

If you have some neutral subns, you are lucky because you can experiment with a variety of extensions colors. THE brown, THE Hazelnut and the Platinum blonde can all be good options to create a versatile look.

The rule of harmony

Besides undersea, it is also essential to search for extensions colors that harmonize with your natural hair color. Opt for shades close to your natural color creates a more realistic appearance.

At the house of 3d hairstyle, we offer various extensions colors to adapt to all subns and preferences. Do not hesitate to explore our different options to find the color that will highlight you and give you the appearance you want.

The choice of extension color Hair can greatly influence your look. Taking into account your complexion and preferences, you can get a hairstyle that will enhance and enhance your natural beauty.

Here is a scheme to guide you in your choice: 


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