Choose your hair extensions

Who says dream hair, says extensions adapted to your needs. Find out what type of extensions is for you.


Clip hair extensions

Easy to install and remove, Clip extensions will be ideal for changing heads in the blink of an eye. No need for the help of a professional, you can put them directly at home without risk for your hair (no need for glue or heat). Perfect for changing your head on a special occasion or testing various hairstyles.


Adhesive hair extensions (or tape)

Ultra modern and easy to install, Tape extensions are the latest trend in terms of hairstyle! Already adopted by the stars, they are fixed using an adhesive strip that you can easily put yourself. They will then last four to six months and can be repositioned by simply changing the adhesive strip (to be removed using a dissolvant).


Keratin extensions

Effective and lasting, Keratin extensions are commonly used by lovers of hair adding. These have a hint of keratin that will be enough to heat to fix them. You will get a lasting (four to six months) and natural result: perfect if you have thick hair or want to keep your extensions as long as possible. Easy to use, they can be placed at home or using your hairdresser.


Easy Loop extensions

THE Rings extensions are ready -to -use extensions and very easy to use: just crush the fixing ring using special pliers. What offer you a lasting length without heat or risk for hair.



So what are you waiting for to come and discover them on the 3DS hairstyle site?

To choose its length go to the blog page "What length to choose".