Weap you with long hair

Looking for an easy and trendy hairstyle for long hair? Discover our suggestions.


The half tail bowed bow

Very easy to make, this female and original hairstyle will be sure not to go unnoticed. To make it, apply a hazelnut of serum in your hair (to make it more malleable) and tie them into half a tail. Then pass the half of the half tail through the elastic (as if to make a bun) and let the other part fall naturally. Separate the bun loop in half to obtain your knot, lift the remaining length of your half tail and iron it inside the elastic. Attach everything using a little hairspray and voila!


The bun bun

Disfit and tie your hair into a high ponytail. Bring a bun foam (or bun) and pass the ponytail inside it. Then just cover the foam with your lengths (do several laps until your lengths are no longer visible). Attach everything using pins and a little lacquer (keep your hand light or beware of the cardboard effect!)

Trick : Place your clip extensions Before we go to an even larger bun maximum.


Glamor loops

Easy to make, this Hairsty Hollywood will be ideal for a romantic evening or a hurry morning. To make it, simply sculpt your lengths using a little styling foam to give them a Wavy effect.

Trick : You can also slightly humidify your hair and perform two very tight braids before going to sleep. Detach them when you wake up and here you are!


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