Capillary extensions: errors to avoid

Do you want to keep hair extensions at the top? So here are some errors not to be made.


Use heated devices on synthetic extensions

Synthetic extensions have the advantage of not deforming ... However, this also means that you will not be able to use heat to comb, at the risk of damaging your additions. If you want to smooth or complete your new mane, opt for our Remy Hair extensions 100% natural.


Neglect maintenance

The hair extensions are more fragile than the rest of your hair, so you will have to keep it well. To do this, brush your hair every day using a soft bristle brush. Make small movements down, starting towards the tips and going up towards the roots (this will allow the sebum to be distributed well in your lengths). Apply a restorative mask once a week.

Trick : To preserve your clip extensions, remove them before sleeping and wash them separately.


Poorly position your hair extensions

Even if our natural hair extensions are particularly discreet, it is important to place them uniformly on your skull in order to hide the fixing points. If in doubt do not hesitate to ask for the help of your hairdresser.


Keep your hair extensions for too long

Capillary extensions have a limited lifespan. So remember to change yours every six months approximately. And for an occasional port, opt for clip extensions or some Tape extensions, to put and remove according to your desires. Trick : Gently remove your extensions so as not to damage your roots. Also remember to let your scalp breathe a few days after each change of additions.