How to color your hair yourself

With coloring kits, dyeing your own hair has become child's play! However, it is important to follow these tips well.


AVoir the right equipment


Who says successful coloring, says good preparation! So remember to provide a towel and a t-shirt that does not fear stains, a pair of gloves (generally supplied with coloring), petroleum jelly (to protect the contours of the face and the ears) and the makeup remover or the solvent Soft (to clean the coloring traces).


Choose the right color

Please note, the results of a coloring vary strongly according to your natural colors. So, you can allow yourself everything if you are blonde but beware, the dark colors (like black) will be very difficult to leave. On the contrary, if you are brown you will have to go through the discoloration box to obtain lighter colors. This step that can damage the hair, do not hesitate to ask for the help of a professional.

Trick : You can also turn to hair extensions To obtain a straightened or tie and dye effect without touching your natural hair.


Apply your product evenly

Nothing worse than a poorly distributed coloring: work so wick by wick, from roots to the tips so as not to forget any zone (you can also ask a friend a friend). Note that the amount of product required will also depend on the volume and length of your hair: if these are very long, remember to provide a second box in case. At worst, it will serve you for possible retouching.

Trick : Once the product is placed, gently knead your hair to properly distribute it.