Color its natural hair extensions

Color ... if necessary!Healthy Hair

The best thing is to choose the right color hair extensions. But sometimes the coloring becomes a compulsory passage to obtain a perfect fitting with its color or if you have a desire for fuchsia pink or cherry green. In short, coloring additions, it is possible, but not just any way and not with any product.

  • It is always preferable in any case to buy extensions lighter than your hair (it is easier to go for it than to lighten!).
  • The coloring product must be “permanent” or semi-permanent.

Step 1: Wash its extensions

Wash your extensions with a gentle shampoo because when manufacturing treatments are applied, so you have to eliminate them. This is important because your color may not take properly. Then apply them a detangling treatment and dry them and brush them carefully.


Before you start on a whole kit, take a test on the smallest band with your coloring to check that the result will be the one you are waiting for.




Step 2: Color its extensions

  1. Put on gloves to protect your skin
  2. Cover a rigid surface of aluminum or stretch wire (cut the extension a little longer)
  3. Protect the fixings (clips, points of keratin or baguette at cold) by coating them with Nivea or similar cream and cover them using aluminum or stretch film so that they do not come into contact with coloring products.
  4. Apply the coloring brush on the protective paper, place your extensions on it.
  5. Place the coloring products using the brush lengthwise so as not to "confuse" the hair from the extensions. Get the color to penetrate the heart of the hair using the brush.
  6. Leave on the manufacturer's indications. Attention ! Do not exceed the break time indicated this will not make the coloring better but risks on the contrary to make it "coal" and matify


To obtain a shiny color, the rinsing of your color is very important. Proceed with an emulsion (this consists in putting a little water on the coated extension of coloring and in delicately kneading). In this way eliminate coloring by adding water. When there is almost no product, rinse abundantly.

Perform a neutralizing shampoo and nourishing treatment is more than advised, it is essential!


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