Clip extensions: Six reasons to love them!

It is a great challenge of always having beautiful bulky, long natural hair and a coloring up to date. However, the seasons are not always to the advantage of women with regard to the appearance of hair. Do yours slowly grow? Are they fragile or too fine? To give them volume, a good length and a good presentation, the extensions to clips remain your unwanted allies. In this article, your specialist 3 of hairstyle reveals 6 reasons to love clip extensions.

Clip extension for design coloring

If you like colorings, but fear that they damage your hair, theclip extension It remains your best ally. It allows you to occasionally try the shades that you like without changing that of your hair. His choice remains a practical solution that helps you wear designs colors to follow trends. Without going to a hairdresser, you can thanks to the Clip extensions Give your hair a meshy effect. Some of these wicks help you make a shaded style by creating a contrast. Others offer you the opportunity to easily make a scan to enhance the coloring of your hair.

Clip extensions for more volume and length

Longer and longer hair is the dream of many women. This is easily achievable with clip extensions. The installation of these hair accessories undeniably offers you the possibility ofIncrease the volume of your hair. Like weaving, you have the choice between several sizes of lengths depending on the desired effect. This allows you to easily go from one look to another depending on opportunities or clothing styles. Thanks to these strands, you can in a few minutes gain volume and length to correct a possible hair loss or too slow growth.

Clip extensions: a practical and safe solution

One of the main advantages of theclip extension remains its practicality. This is explained in particular by its installation technique accessible to everyone. It is easy to install and it only takes a few minutes. So you don't need to ask your hairdresser to put it. Just position your room strips well by room and properly fix the clips and voila. Indeed, it does not require neither tight braids at the root, glues, rings likely to weaken your hair. She does not damage them. On the contrary, these strands of hair refine their appearance by sublimating them. They are also easy to remove. With the hair extension, it is easy to change your appearance or a look without soliciting a professional.

Advantages extensions to clips

Advantages of the clip extension: affordable hair and easy to maintain

Another advantage of size of clip extensions remains their accessible price. At 3 hairstyle, we offer you A varied range of clip hair extensions Suitable for all budgets. They remain the least expensive option to have a good length and good volume of hair in a healthy, fast, aesthetic and durable way. In addition, the ease of their installation prevents you from paying the services of a hairdresser. In addition to their economic character, they are easy to maintain. Those that are natural and quality require the same maintenance as that of your own hair. You can untangle them with a brush, gently clean them with a soft silicone -free shampoo, then rinse them with lukewarm water. The use of higher quality nourishing products such as castor oil is also recommended.

Extension to clip for a diversity of hairstyles

Clip extensions help you Quickly change hairstyle and overcome a failed haircut. They reveal the potential of your hair by making it eligible for several hairstyles. You can thanks to these clip wicks comb different shapes, easily make a very long and bulky ponytail, make a fringe or a beautiful bun to change your appearance. Do you like to make braids? With clip extensions, they will be larger and will give cachet your look. Some online tutorials will help you easily make the hairstyles and braids you like.

Clip extensions: a diversity of offers for all tastes

The diversity of offers in clip hair extensions is an advantage that allows women to certainly find what they need. There is indeed a wide choice of styles, lengths, textures, cuts and colors of clip additions on our site 3 hairstyle thus responding to the tastes and hair of all women. Do you have curly, wavy, frizzy or smooth hair? Do you prefer sober or flashy colors? You will certainly find the hair extension you need to enhance your hair. Among the available offers, we distinguish Clip fringes, clip tails, natural clip extensions and synthetic hair clip extensions. By opting for those with the same color as your hair, you will benefit from a great discretion for a most natural result.