Hair extensions Relooking Tips

My makeover advice

Do you dream of having long hair but you don't want to wait for years? With extensions, everything becomes possible. Whatever your desire whatever your budget, there is always a solution! 

Natural hair extensions or synthetic hair, what will be best for me?

The natural hair has many advantages. It has an absolutely ... natural appearance, lends itself to all hairdressing games (it supports the straightening or curling iron very well) and has a lifespan that can go up to several months. These are hair of human origin. "" Remy Hair "Means that they present themselves in the same direction, which limits the risks of getting tangled. The price of natural hair is generally linked to its quality. Beware nevertheless very low prices, there are strong risks that synthetic or animal fiber have been mixed with natural hair. It is to use that you will realize it!

In our shop, you may be surprised by prices, know that we are looking at the best product at the best price, without intermediaries, because we are importers and that our distribution costs are reduced.
The synthetic hair is not to be banished. It has the appearance of naturalness, but it must be reserved for occasional use exclusively because it is less resistant. On the other hand, it will keep its original shape and it is cheaper.

I am super-phassed, I have an appointment tonight, I want to be beautiful!

Without hesitation, adopt them clips. In a few minutes, you will be transformed and seduced by your new look. You will feel resplendent and you will gain confidence!

I have fine hair, I don't dare get into hair extensions.

If you are considering a hot or cold installation, ask for its opinion (and a quote!) To a qualified hairdresser in the installation of extensions (no, they are not necessarily overpriced), also think of hairdressers at home who have often been trained in this area and which are available and less expensive.
But you can occasionally adopt clip extensions, they are light and without risk (see our user tips).

I want to gain length!

Whatever the fixing mode chosen, you will gain in length, provided that your hair (to you!) Reach ten centimeters.

I want to gain thickness too!

If you call on a professional, for hot or cold installation, he will do so. But clip extensions also allow you to volume.

I am not sure that my cut is suitable for carrying extensions

If you opt for hot or cold installation, no problem, your hairdresser will make the haircut you want.
The tapered cuts lend themselves very well to the installation of clip extensions. The whole will in any case be very harmonious. For square cuts, you will get a modern and structured result.

I find it difficult to get an idea of ​​the length of the extensions

It's simple, just measure from your ear. Note that wavy extensions are always a little shorter because the length indicated is that of the hair front (removed about 5 cm).

I often change my hairstyle, can my extensions be smoothed or wavy to iron?

Yes, in all cases (except synthetics of course).

How long could I keep them?

Hair extensions are fragile, but if you provide them with appropriate care, your keratin or cold extensions will be able to last up to 4 months (see our user tips). The lifespan of clip extensions will of course be a function of the frequency to which you carry them. Know that the hair can be kept very well.

I want to change the color of my extensions!

Although this is possible, it is not recommended to color natural extensions. At least, not without the help of a professional hairdresser. In any case, you should know that coloring is a factor of weakening. On the other hand, you can get a mixed effect by choosing your additions of another color than yours. Synthetic extensions should not be colored or discolored, otherwise you will be definitively damaged.

I don't know what color to choose!

Despite our efforts, it is possible that according to computer screens, the colors displayed are moving away from reality. In most cases, it complies with the product, but if you cannot choose, you can send us a photo by the "contact" box for personalized advice.

My budget is limited ...

A cheap makeover is possible. Clip extensions are affordable, and you can have fun for a completely reasonable budget.

I want to see all hairdressing lessons!

You will find all our hairdressing lessons in our blog.

I need other advice!

Ask your question by the "contact" box of the store or call our advisers on 04 13 510 367. They can advise you and answer all your questions.