How to protect your hair in winter

With the temperatures that drop the time to pamper your mane. Here are some tips to spend the winter well.



The hair does not like temperature changes: so remember to protect it with a silk hat or scarf (perfect for avoiding static electricity) before going out. And if you take your shower in the morning, don't forget to dry your mane well before you go out ... or beware!


Missing on hydration

The cold dries up the hair: take advantage of your long winter evenings to offer them a good cocooning session. On the program: a moisturizing mask (suitable for your hair type) to leave an hour (or even night if you are motivated). You can even make it yourself by mixing a tablespoon of avocado oil, a tablespoon of castor oil and a teaspoon of honey. Perfect for giving tone to dry hair!


Adopt the right gestures

To keep beautiful hair, nothing like a good brushing! Brush your hair morning and evening with a boar hair brush: this will distribute the sebum and get rid of dust. And if you come across a knot do not shoot, it's the best way to cause breakage! Take up the recalcitrant hair with your fingers and a little detangling spray if necessary.


Use the right products

To avoid the electric hair effect specific to winter periods, feed your lengths with a moisturizing spray with shea butter. You can also use an ionic hairdryer (or an antistatic brush), perfect for tamping rebel lengths.