Get rid of electric hair

Nothing worse than the cold and the hats to end up with hair full of static electricity! Here are some tips to keep an impeccable hairstyle this winter.


Pamper her hair

Healthy hair is less likely to combine static electricity. To avoid the "leap from the bed" effect by removing your hat so use a neutral pH shampoo (less aggressive for your mane) and rinse with lukewarm water. Also avoid rubbing your hair to dry it: the best is to buffer it with an absorbent towel or use an ionic hairdryer. Finally, bet on hydration by regularly applying sebum without rinsing to your lengths: this will allow you to keep a flexible and shiny hair.


Choose the right materials

Some synthetic materials tend to attract static electricity. To dress in winter, prefer the materials that absorb humidity such as wool or cotton. You can also slightly spray your clothes with a vaporizer filled with water or an antistatic spray (found in pharmacies).

Trick : Dry your clothes on metal hangers. This will allow them to be rid of static electricity accumulated in the washing machine.


Humidify your interior

Dry air promotes the accumulation of static electricity: to keep an impeccable cut in winter it is therefore recommended to invest in a humidifier or to place a water cup loan from your radiator. Use an anti-fRisottis cream Apply a moisturizing serum or anti-fRisotti cream on your hair after your shower. This will make them softer, shiny and disciplined.

Trick : Avoid the lacquer that dries up and weakens the hair.