These foods that make hair grow faster

Did you know that to have beautiful hair you also have to nourish them at the root? Here are some foods to favor for dream hair.



Eggs contain biotin, a mineral that stimulates hair growth and is found in many food supplements.

Trick : You can also make a hair mask by mixing an egg yolk with two tablespoons of coconut oil and two tablespoons of honey. Leave for thirty minutes and rinse abundantly.


-The salmon

In addition to being rich in proteins and vitamins A and D, salmon contains fatty acids (omega-3) which clean up and slow down the aging of the scalp. You will also find many fatty acids in trout.

Trick : Proteins allow hair to make keratin, necessary for their health. You can find it in meat, cheese, lenses, quinoa etc.


-The strawberry

Rich in vitamin C, iron and magnesium, the strawberry allows you to have longer and shiny hair. To be enjoyed at will.


-The amande

In addition to reducing cholesterol and facilitating digestion, almond is beneficial for your hair. Thus, it contains selenium, perfect for getting rid of dandruff or overcome fatty hair.


-The lenses

Lentils contain iron, which prevents hair loss. You will also find them in cumin, dark chocolate, soy or spinach.



Rich in zinc, oysters strengthen the hair fiber and slow down hair loss. A good reason to please yourself during the holidays.