Easy and quick hairstyles for the holidays

Between the preparation of gifts and Christmas stoves can sometimes turn to the race against the watch! Just to make your life easier, here are some hairstyle ideas as glamorous as it is easy to make.

The sparkling headband

The guests arrive and you didn't have time to style you? Do not panic, a scintillating headband will be of the most beautiful effect at the table. Crush your lengths with a little salty water spray to texturize them and voila.

Tip: for a feminine and romantic look, roll up a few locks around your headband.

The Half Hair

To be as elegant as Emma Stone, slightly loop your lengths with a straightening iron (or curl). Then spray a little spray at the roots by lifting them to give them volume. Finish by placing one side of your hair backwards with a comb and gel.

The ribbon bun

Give style to a classic bun by attaching a ribbon around it. The must for Christmas? Red of course.

Tip: give volume to your hairstyle by spraying dry shampoo on your roots and lengths (before tie them).

The half tail with ribbon

This original and graphic hairstyle will be perfect for highlighting your extensions. To make it, smooth your hair with a little serum shine, draw a line on each side of your head (starting from the middle of the brow bone) and tie your hair into half a tail. Wrap a nice ribbon around the elastic and drop it naturally.