The Flippy Hair trend is back

Popularized in the 2000s, the Flippy Hair made a comeback in current trends. Find out how to make this deliciously retro hairstyle.


What is Flippy Hair?

Popularized by Britney Spears, the Flippy Hair is a type of brushing that can both suit short or long hair. Discarded on the front of the scene by stars such as Reese Witherspoon, Michelle Williams or Lucy Boyton, this graphic brushing is realized on a straight cup from which we return the peaks to give them a sleek and angular look. What give you a look at Jane Fonda or Jackie Kennedy… Modern version of course.


Successful your Flippy Hair

To make a Flippy Hair, separate your hair into several sections that you will work by wick with a straightening iron (it is enough to be in the top when you arrive at the level of the tips in order to bring them out). Attach everything with lacquer and plate your roots with a little gel to accentuate the graphic effect.

Trick : Remember to protect your hair with a thermo-protector treatment before using your straightener.

And to help you, demonstration in video !


Many variants

Do you want to add a more sophisticated touch to your hairstyle? So do not hesitate to tie your hair into a high ponytail, a half tail or even accessorize it with a headband. You will get a babydoll look that will be sure not to go unnoticed.

Trick : Our Remy Hair extensions can be smoothed or curly. They will therefore be ideal for adding length and volume to your hairstyle.