Sculpt your face with the Hair Contouring

Hair contouring is a modern coloring technique that allows you to shape the shape of your face thanks to an optical illusion effect. Practical to keep your hand light on the foundation.


What is Hair Contouring?

Popularized by stars such as Kim Kardashian, contouring is a makeup technique which consists in sculpting your features in order to display a perfect face. Some hairdressers have been inspired by this method to offer tailor -made colors that redraw the contours of the face thanks to a clever play of shadows and light. What feel canon without spending hours in the bathroom.


How it works ?

The Hair Contouring is suitable for all types of faces but requires a little expertise to be carried out: the ideal is therefore to go to a hairdressing professional who will adapt to your needs.

So, if you have a heart -shaped face (narrow chin and large forehead) your hairdresser will lighten your lengths to widen the jaw.

Oval faces can turn to a contrasting scan that will bring depth to the hairstyle.

For square faces we will play on a mixture of clear and dark tones in terms of temples and jaw to soften the lines.

Finally, a gradient ranging from the dark (at the roots) to the clear (from the ears) will be ideal for shortening an elongated face.


And if you want to try the wicks without going through the coloring box, also think of hair extensions. For example, use hair extensions of a color slightly different from yours to test a mechy or ultra trendy effect effect. Practical, right?