Maintain your hair extensions

There are many women looking for length and thickness to use extensions. For extensions to keep their beauty and allow the one that brings them to be lovely, you need a specific maintenance. 3d hairstyle gives you the best maintenance tips for hair extensions.

Take up her hair extensions every day

Having beautiful hair extensions that seem natural hair requires a special care routine. Every day, you have to unravel the hair morning and evening. We start by brushing the tips, then brush half-length before arriving at the roots of the extensions. Brushing the hair extensions well makes it possible to avoid the formation of nodes in their root.

That you have Ring extensions, clip extensions or keratin extensions for your hair, the choice of The detangling brush is important. It is not recommended to use a comb because it may damage the attachment points. Instead, favor hair brushes in wild boar. They are soft and specially designed for the maintenance of your extensions. Extensions do not brush as long as they are not dry.

Perform a weekly washing of extensions

The washing mode depends on the hair extensions you wear. If you have some Keratin extensions Or rings extensions, you will have to devote a little time and money to it. We wash Hot extensions or cold extensions Keeping your right head. If you wash them with your head tilted down, you may tangle the hair. In addition, you must always wash the scalp and the fixing points starting from the root to the tips.

Maintenance of Clip extensions is done like that of hair, but not on the head. Whether it isnatural or synthetic extensions, they must be removed from the head and washed in a container filled with water in which you will add a few drops of soft shampoo. First close all the clips and place the extensions in the same direction before immersing them in the container to delicately wash them with their fingers.

As it is not recommended to brush wet hair, a Drying is necessary Before the hairstyle of Adhesive extensions or clips. A specific method should be used to dry. Sponge the hair as much as possible in a towel while making sure you don't tangle them. Dry in the open air instead of using a hairdryer. If you need to use a hair dryer, keep it at a distance of 15 centimeters and put it in "cold air" mode. For cold extensions or hot extensions, use the "warm air" mode.

Hair extension washing

Use healthcare products suitable for hair

You can apply your usual shampoo, the one you use for natural hair, for the maintenance of hair extensions. Two shampoos per week are more than enough. If you are used to making a daily shampoo, opt for a neutral shampoo so as not to damage keratin points. You can then apply a detangling cream on the half lengths and the tips.

To properly maintain your adhesive extensions and preserve them, you can put a keratin mask once a week to feed the hair in depth. Do not make masks too frequently so as not to drag the wicks. Always avoid heavy styling products (lacquer, frost, styling spray, etc.). Shampoings and smoothing or shiny care that contain silicones or glycerin are to be avoided on hair extensions. Rather favor products containing assets such as ceramids that contribute to repair of hair fiber.

Learn the right gestures to protect extensions in summer

In summer, when the weather is nice, you can easily damage your extensions. To avoid this, it is necessary to maintain and especially protect the extensions of hair of the sun, chlorine and sea water (because of its salt). Otherwise, your hair can become dry and brittle.

When you have to bathe in sea or in the pool, tie the extensions or cover them with a hat. You can also impregnate them with a "protective solar spray" to prevent them from getting tangled. 3 to 4 vaporizations per day are enough for them to survive in the summer.

In summer, hair washing is essential after each swim. Use a soft solar shampoo (without glycerin or silicone). It is also recommended to use a mat to attach the hair each time before bed to sleep.

Respect the life of its hair extensions

To always appear with beautiful extensions that look like natural hair, you have to know how to change it at the right time. Indeed, extensions have a certain lifespan that you must respect. Although they are fragile, they can last up to 4 months with suitable care. The lifespan of extensions also depends on their frequency of use. The best is to change them as soon as they realize that they have aged. To find your ideal hair extension, go to 3D hairstyle. We offer a wide range of hair extensions that will please you.