Maintain your ponytail or ponytail

The ponytail is an extension of hair designed for women who wish to enhance their ponytail. With this posthe, you can make any ponytail model. It is enough to roll up the ponytail around the bun formed with natural hair and to keep it in place thanks to the clip or the elastic which it is provided. To take advantage of your ponytail for a long time, it is important to give it special care. Indeed, whether it is an extension made of natural hair or synthetic hair, regular maintenance of your ponytail is necessary and must be done with the greatest care. Specialist in natural or synthetic hair extensions at attractive prices, 3D hairstyle shows you how to take care of your ponytail.

How to brush your ponytail?

To take care of your ponytail, it is advisable to brush the postiche after each use. Brushing eliminates the nodes that would have formed in the hair of the posthe. To unravel the nodes of a smooth ponytail like the stiff ponytail Available on our site, opt for a flexible brush that does not attract hair.

For ponytails as our wavy ponytail High quality, prefer a wide tooth comb. This comb, also ideal for hair hairstyle as our Yaki ponytail and our Afro Kinky ponytail, has the particularity of not hanging the hair.

In order not to damage your ponytail, Avoid leaning the posthe at once. Instead, start with the tips and then go back to the roots (the base) of the hair.

PYYTail Postica Maintenance

Wash your ponytail: how to go about it?

One of the most important steps in the maintenance of your ponytail extensions is hair washing. This allows you to keep your ponytail clean. Washing the ponytail, whether synthetic or natural, must be done with specific and suitable products. For a synthetic fiber ponytail, we advise you to use A shampoo specially designed for this hair. Before moving to the washing of your hairstyle, it is important to untangle the hair with your fingers or a wide tooth comb.

Then switch to cleaning the ponytail, plunging it into a bowl of cold or lukewarm water mixed with a few shampoo nuts. Let the postage soak in the water for 3 to 5 minutes and shake it gently. Rinse your ponytail in cold water. Use a sponge towel to wrap the ponytail and press gently. The towel will absorb excess water. To maintain the shine of your ponytail and prevent nodes formed in the hair, you can apply on synthetic fibers, a detangling or conditioner conditioner. Wait a few minutes to rinse the ponytail and eliminate excess water with a towel.

For the Ponytail in natural hair, the cleaning process is the same. Prefer however The use of shampoos and detangling for natural hair for washing the postiche. The natural ponytail must also be washed with lukewarm and not cold water. Throughout the ponytail cleaning process, avoid rubbing, twisting or wringing the wig. After a good wash, the ponytail is rid of all pollution (dust, bad odors, etc.) to which it was exposed.

How to dry your ponytail?

To dry your ponytail, put the postage on a support and put it to dry in the open air. Never dry your synthetic ponytail with a hair dryer. THE synthetic fiber hair can, in fact, melt under the effect of heat. Once the ponytail has dried up well, head it with your fingers or a main teeth. Synthetic hair has the particularity of maintaining their original shape. If it is a wavy synthetic ponytail like those we offer on 3D hairstyle, the posthe will find its curls without too much effort.

3d hairstyle ponytail

How often to wash your ponytail?

The frequency of cleaning a ponytail depends on several parameters. You must, in fact take into account, of your environment and the number of times the posthe is used. Sweating a lot or very little in the wig is also an important element to take into consideration. The ponytail in synthetic fiber is sailing less quickly than the posthe made of natural hair. THE Ponytail in synthetic hair therefore requires few cleaning sessions. We advise you to wash your ponytail only when it is necessary to do so.

How to store your ponytail?

It is important to store your synthetic ponytail or natural hair after each use. The Ponytail is a dust and mites nest. It is therefore essential to isolate the postage to better protect it. After removing it, place the ponytail in the open air and let it breathe for a while. Cover the ponytail with a net and place it flat in a box.

The precautions to be taken so as not to damage your ponytail

To avoiddamage your ponytail, it is necessary to take some important precautions:

  • Use only the product suitable for your ponytail. Some classic shampoos, care and detangling, due to their composition, can weaken hair, or even completely damage the posthe.
  • Protect your Ponytail from strong heat sources (hairdryer, curling iron, etc.).
  • Always take care to remove your ponytail before your swimming at the pool or at the beach.
  • Do not apply No coloring on your synthetic posts. It is not possible to change the color of your black postage into light or dark chestnut, or blond.
  • Remove your ponytail before sleeping.
  • Avoid brushing the hair from your extensions by pulling on the nodes. If you meet nodes in your hair, gently unravel with your fingers or use a detangling spray.
  • Avoid brushing your ponytail hair when it is still wet. Wait until the ponytail dries before weapon it.

The ponytail is a posthe that allows women to give length and volume to their hairstyle. To keep your synthetic or natural ponytail extensions for a long time, it is essential to take great care. Are you looking for ponytail extensions that are easy to maintain? On 3D hairstyle, buy Our ponytails in synthetic fiber or natural hair of first quality at the best price.