The different hair extensions in 3D hairstyle

You want Increase the length and volume of your hair ? You want them to be stiff Or wavy ?

You can have the hair that you like with hair extensions 100 % natural Remy Hair offered by 3D hairstyle. Discover the different hair extensions at unbeatable prices that we have in stock and our tips for choosing them well.

The different hair extensions in 3D hairstyle :

3D Coiffure offers you a wide variety of Remy Hair hair extensions. You will find in stock on our site:

  • Clip hair extensions
  • Hot or keratine hair extensions
  • Cold hair extensions
  • The Ponytail

These strands of hair are 100 % natural. They can be stiff, wavy or curly and are available in different colors. So you can adopt a blond, brown or red style.

Clip hair extension:

The clip hair extension is made with strips of strands clinging easily to your hair. This is possible thanks to small metal pliers called " clip-in "Whose hair additions are equipped.

This system allows you to perform a Simple and quick installation which requires no professional equipment. You can therefore make your clip extensions yourself, which prevents you from spending at a hairdresser.

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Hot hair extension or keratin:

This extension gives length and volume to your hair. This magnificent result is obtained thanks to keratin whose point of fixing the wicks is composed. Unlike the first addition, the installation of hair extensions to keratin requires more technique. The fixing point must be melt using a heated device before fixing the wicks. They mix very well with your hair, which allows to have a very natural rendering.

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Cold hair extensions:

Cold additions concern adhesive hair extensions and hair extensions Easy Loop or Rings.

THE Adhesive extensions Or Adhesive Tapes are also very easy and fast to put. The hair strips have a sticker that allows them to be fixed to your hair. They are therefore safe For skin and hair. As for Easy Loop or Rings extensions, these are wicks ready to wear equipped with Lasso. They offer many advantages.

Adhesive extensions

This type of extensions allows you to save money because you can keep them for more than a year. However, care must be taken to maintain them well. To do this, you can go to a hair salon or do hair care yourself at home. Easy Loop extensions do not damage No longer your hair and they get away painless.


The ponytail or the ponytail:

There ponytail is a style which consists in gathering all your hair on the back or above the skull. With the 3D hairstyle postiche or ponytail, you can lengthen your hair as you would like. Just put the accessory at the bun made with your hair and adjust it. The ponytail allows you to change your hairstyle at any time going from short to long.

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3D hairstyle, for excellent quality hair extensions.

The hair extensions you will find on our site are natural and of very good quality. They come from the range of Remy Hair hair additions. It is a brand specializing in hair extensions with natural clip and weaving. Their products offer a Very good value for money And adapt to any hairstyle. With our hair extensions, you can make a braid ears, a ponytail, a wig ...

Our additions are also sustainable. To keep them in condition, you will only have to do hair care in a hair salon or at home. Our natural extensions also bring shine, volume and length to your hair.

Choose your natural hair extensions well with 3D hairstyle

When you choose your natural hair extensions, you have a rendering Perfect and very natural. Our natural hair additions mix well with your hair. This is possible thanks to their smooth texture, gentle And silky. When the installation is well done, it is therefore difficult to distinguish your wicks from those from extensions.

For this, the additions must correspond well to the color of your hair. For Choose the right coloring, you must base yourself on the length of your hair. The choice of a good coloring is what will allow you to have a very natural result.

Trust 3D hairstyle, hair extension supplier since 2007!

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