The latest trends in hair extensions

Styles, colors and hairdressing tips

THE hair extensions Having evolved over the years, going from a simple hairdressing accessory to a real beauty solution to transform your look in a moment. If you are looking to add length, volume or keys of color To your hairstyle, then you are in the right place. At the house of 3dcoiffure, we are proud to present the latest trends in hair extensions so that you can get a modern and elegant look in the blink of an eye.

Hair extensions

Styles in vogue:

Lonely ponytail : There ponytail Low and relaxed is one of the most popular trends. Use our extensions ponytail To add length and volume, you can then attach them to a low bun for an elegant look.

Subtil shaded effect : L'shadow is a timeless trend, but this season, opt for a subtle shade. Mix slightly lighter or darker shades for a natural and soft look.

Ephemeral pixie cuts : If you dream of a short cut, our synthetic wigs will allow you to experiment with a pixie cut without cutting your hair. Try a short hairstyle for a daring style change: 

Synthetic wigs

Trendy colors:

Blond hot honey: THE blonde honey is a warm and flattering color that illuminates the complexion. Opt for our Golden chocolate extensions copper For a sunny touch.

Velvety chocolate brown: THE brunette are not to be outdone. Velvet chocolate brown tones are fashionable. Use our Brown color extensions To add depth to your color.

Copper -gorged extensions

Hairdressing tips:

  • When applying extensions, make sure they are well fixed for an impeccable look that holds all day.
  • Do not hesitate to comb your extensions as you would with your own hair. You can smooth them, complete them, or style them as you see fit.
  • For a natural look, choose hair extensions of the same texture as your natural hair.

At the house of 3dcoiffure, we offer a variety ofhair extensions premium quality, including Clip extensions, adhesive, Easy Loops, keratin, horse tape, wigs, And much more. Our diversified range allows you to personalize your style and experiment with different looks.

If you are looking to stay at the forefront of trends in terms ofhair extensions, explore our site and discover the options that match your style. We are here to help you get a modern look and shine on any occasion.

Don't wait any longer to transform your hairstyle in a moment. 3dcoiffure is there to enhance your style.

Clip extensions

Clip extensions