Tutorial: Halloween special hairstyles

Looking for an easy and bewitching hairstyle for Halloween? So here are some suggestions, perfect to make with Hair extensions.

Mermaid lengths

For a mermaid look, nothing like a long hair that seems to get out of the water. To do this, slightly loop your lengths with a curling iron and then apply a little fixative spray to salt water in your hair to texturize it. You will get a long -lasting hairstyle, which will give the impression that you come back from the beach!

Trick : Make your own spray by mixing a half cup of water, two teaspoons of salt and a tablespoon of vegetable oil (olive, argan, coconut oil, etc.) in a saucepan. Make heating gently (without boiling) until the salt dissolves and pour everything into a vaporizing bottle. Add a teaspoon of aloe vera gel, shake well and voila.

Embossed hair

To make this hairstyle worthy of the fiancée of Frankenstein, start by spraying a lifting-root spray at the level of your scalp and gently massage it. Then work your lengths with an embossing iron to give them a delightfully retro look. Finish by insulating the upper part of your hair and crepe it in order to attach it to a maximum volume bun. Trick : Use some clip extensions To quickly gain length and volume. Perfect for an evening hairstyle!

Witch hair

To make this frightening witch hairstyle nothing simpler: crepe your hair (brushing it backwards) over the entire length and fix everything with a little hairspray. You are ready to terrorize the neighborhood!