The benefits of hair henna

Coming straight from the Orient, henna is a plant whose powder makes it possible to obtain beautiful Auburn reflections. We tell you everything about this natural coloring.


He colors hair without damaging it

Unlike conventional colors, the henna does not alter the structure of the hair but is deposited over it. You will thus obtain pretty copper or red tones which will be superimposed on your natural color. Please note: this also means that henna does not lighten the hair.

Tip: you can color your hair extensions Henna as long as they are unrealing natural wicks (Remy Hair). If in doubt perform a test on a wick before first before you start.


It can apply to the house

The application of the henna is very simple: just mix the powder with hot water until a homogeneous paste is obtained, apply it all on dry hair, leave for about twenty minutes and then rinse . You can also add strong tea to the mixture to give more intensity to your color.


He protects the hair

Henna sheaths the hair, thus protecting it from external aggressions. It also has anti-pells virtues and makes it possible to hydrate dry hair.

Tip: If you want to enjoy the henna benefits without dyeing your hair, use a neutral henna. This allows you to pamper damaged hair without altering your natural color.


It can be used in shampoo

There are many shampoos and henna hair care. Perfect to easily give your hair a boost!


Precautions for use of henna

Please note, the henna is only used on virgin hair (without coloring or permanent). This means that you will have to wait for the regrowth if you want to change color: think well before you start.