Give volume to fine hair

Tired of having raplapla hair? Discover all our tips to enhance the volume.


Go for the right cut

To transform fine hair into a large mane, it is important to choose your hairstyle well. So opt for a gradient, wavy ripples or a plunging square. And to accentuate the illusion of volume ask your hairdresser to make a scan suited to your hair color.

Trick : Avoid contrasting colors such as platinum blonde or black that accentuate the flat hair effect.


Use a suitable shampoo

There are many products specially designed for fine hair. The must ? A volumizing shampoo without sulphate.

Trick : Need to refresh your hairstyle? Spray a little dry shampoo about thirty centimeters from the skull and scrub lightly to texturize your lengths. Perfect for making you a beauty during the day.


Adopt the Hardle-Hot

The hairstyle is this new hyper trendy hairstyle which consists in giving the illusion that we get out of bed. To make it, simply brush your hair and then offend a few strands with a little styling foam to give them a very natural and trendy blurry effect. Perfect for hurried mornings!


Dry one's head upside down

To give volume to your hair when you get out of the shower, nothing could be simpler: dry your head upside down by peeling off your roots with your fingers. Once your hair is dry on your hair with a round brush to accentuate your new volume.


Use hair extensions

To give volume to flat hair and make all your dream hairstyles, nothing like the hair extensions. This will allow you to immediately gain length and volume while retaining the illusion of natural hair. What finally say goodbye to fine hair!