Fall-Winter 2019-2020 Hairstyle Trends

Want a makeover for the start of the school year? So here are the hairstyle trends to adopt.

The Boyish square

For the start of the school year, the look of a sage little girl makes her comeback with the short square. To wear with a graphic bangs for a retro look or slightly degraded for a styled-decorated look, it will be ideal for highlighting fine hair. And to go back to long hair, nothing could be simpler with our hair extensions !

Long and curly hair

This fall, the vintage and glamorous looks are all the rage on the podiums with plated hairstyles, enhanced by well -drawn curls at the lengths. To reproduce this at home, notch a few strands on each side of your face with a curling iron. Drop the rest of your hair naturally by smoothing it with a little brilliant.

Short ball

If you like original and graphic hairstyles, the short ball is made for you. This is worn with a slightly plunging line in order to enhance your face. Ideal for pressed mornings, it can be worn in many ways: well smoothed for a chic look, slightly ruffled for a rock style etc.


History to face the start of the school year, we allow ourselves some hair follies with original accessories, such as a rhinestone bar, a colorful beret or a wide header. What highlight your hair extensionsX in all ease.

Grunge hair

To play it rebellious, nothing like a grunge inspiration hairstyle. To do this, bet on loose and bulky hair, slightly sculpted with gel or lacquer.