Hairstyle tutorial: well -turned for the start of the school year!

Looking for a pretty hairstyle for the start of the school year? Discover our suggestions.

The ponytail with a flat bar

Timeless classic, ponytail is a perfect hairstyle to make with Hair extensions. To give it a little retro side of the most trendy, tie it with a flat bar. This will add volume to your hairstyle while exerting less pressure on your hair: you will save it from the breakage that the elastic bands can cause.

The braided bun bun

To make this ultra -bulky and glamorous bun, nothing could be simpler. Start by untangling your hair by putting your head upside down. Then perform a plated braid, starting from the neck and going up to the top of the skull. Tie your hair into a high ponytail and fix everything with lacquer. Pass the ponytail in a bun foam on which you will wrap your hair to create your bun. Attach everything with pins and voila!

Trick : For a maximum volume bun, make this hairstyle with clip extensions.

The bun with a scarf

Want to take summer waves to the office or in the classroom? So attach a scarf at the base of your bun. Guaranteed bohemian effect!

Twisted ponytail

Take up your hair and tie it into a low ponytail, leaving two strands a few centimeters in free thickness on each side of your head. Then bring them back to the back and wrap them around the elastic to hide it. Attach everything with pins and lacquer. Here you are with an original and trendy hairstyle!