Some tips for top hair

Want to keep a mane at the top? Discover all our tips to pamper your hair and extensions!


Choose the right shampoo

To keep a nice hair, it is essential to choose your shampoo well. This will have to be adapted to your hair type (dry, fat, end, curly, colorful etc.) and silicone-free. Note that a good shampoo is made in a single application: contrary to popular belief, a second washing will only weaken your scalp.

Trick : Rinse your hair with warm or cold water. This allows you to tighten the scales for solid and shiny hair.


Bet on hydration

Oils, serums, masks ... There are many ways to hydrate your hair. To keep hair extensions In perfect health we recommend that you make a nourishing mask once a week. If you have dry hair, also opt for a serum without rinsing, to apply once or twice a day to your lengths.


Adopt the right gestures

Tanging up your hair is part of our routine ... but be careful not to be too abrupt. Indeed, too lively brushes are likely to weaken or even break your lengths. To disentangle your hair well, use a boar hair brush or a big teeth comb. Work on the tips towards the roots, not hesitating to disentangle the recalcitrant nodes by hand. And yes, a beautiful mane is worth a lot!


Take care of your diet

Did you know that food plays a crucial role on the health of your hair? To maintain a dream mane, therefore favor foods rich in iron, zinc and vitamins. You can also ask your pharmacist for food for food supplements, to be carried out once or twice a year.