Prepare for your appointment with the hairdresser

Tired of unpleasant surprises when leaving the hairdresser? Here are all our tips to optimize your appointment!


Announce what you want

When you call to make an appointment do not hesitate to explain to your hairdresser what you want (cutting, coloring, care etc.) this will allow it to prepare for your expectations in order to satisfy you as best as possible. You can also bring photos to illustrate your words but don't forget that the result cannot be reproduced identically. Indeed, your hairstyle must be adapted to your face and your hair type: in case of doubt, so listen to the professional's advice.

Trick : For a tailor-made cut, go to a visacist hairdresser. This will be best placed to offer you a makeover adapted to your needs.


Prepare your hair well

Contrary to what one might think, it is recommended not to wash your hair 4 to 5 days before your appointments with the hairdresser. This will preserve your scalp if you want a coloring or a sweep. Also forget the hair products like gel or lacquer: the best is to come with your natural hair!

Trick : Take up your hair before your appointment. This will save precious minutes to your hairdresser, who will have all the more time to pamper you.


Choose the right dress

How to dress to go to the hairdresser? A watchword: comfort! So avoid accessories that can be bulky (earrings, necklaces, bars) and remember to clear your neck well (we forget the rolled passes).