Some hairstyles to attend a wedding

You are invited to a wedding but do not know how to style yourself? Here are some suggestions.

Hair wrapped in a headband

Lightly curl your hair, put on a pretty headband then tortile a wick around it to hide the back. Let the rest of your hair fall naturally or tie it into a loose braid for a chic and romantic look.

Remember to match your headband to your outfit: flowery for a spring effect, glitter for a festive look ... All the fantasies are allowed!

The twisted bun

Easy and quick to do, this bun will be perfect to make with hair extensions. To do this, draw a line in the middle and make two high duvets. Tort them on themselves, lift them and wrap them against each other to make a bun. Attach everything with bobby pines and a veil of lacquer.

The knot in the hair

To make this bun at the Lady Gaga, nothing could be simpler. Brush your hair backwards and grab a wick a few centimeters wide on each side of your head. Tie the two duvets into half a tail, not completely bringing out it from the elastic in order to obtain a loop. Separate it into two equal parts (which will form your node), enter a wick under the bun, wrap it around the elastic and fix everything with pins. Apply a lacquer veil and voila!

The bun with braid

Perform a classic braid then wrap it on itself. You will thus get a loose and romantic bun that you will just have to fix with bobby pines.

Trick : Use some clip extensions To add volume to your hairstyle.