Preserve your extensions with protective hairstyles

Protective hairstyles can protect your Hair extensions External aggressions (pollution, sun, dust etc.) discover how to make them.

The braid

Female and elegant, the braid is an easy hairstyle that comes in many ways. For a bohemian look, perform a slightly loose braid that you will drop over your shoulder and in which you will sting some flowers. For a sportswear look, you can also opt for braid boxers. To do this, separate your hair in half by tracing a line in the middle and make a plated braid with each section. And you, what is your favorite style?


The ponytail is a timeless hairstyle, ideal for the whole mornings. It will be perfect to make with hair extensions, which will bring him length and volume. For an original hairstyle, isolate a wick a few centimeters thick at the side of your face and tie the rest into a high ponytail. Then roll up your free wick around the elastic to hide it. Attach everything using bun pins and lacquer. Tip: braid your free wick before wrapping it. This will add an additional glamorous touch to your look.

The bun

No time to style yourself in the morning? Let's go for a bun! For an original look, opt for example for a Twisted Bun. To make it, styling your hair backwards and draw a line in the middle. Enter half of your mane in each hand, tie them together and fix everything with bun pins. Tortille one of the duvets thus obtained on itself and wrap around the base of your hairstyle by adding pins again. Do the same with the second duvet. Take the tips under the bun, add a veil of lacquer and voila!