You style with hair extensions

Looking for a trendy hairstyle with your extensions? Here are some suggestions.

The shaded effect Hair

Want to test the shaded Hair effect without bleaching your hair? Just opt ​​for Hair extensions lighter or dark than your natural color. For this hairstyle, we recommend the clip extensions that will allow you to vary the colors according to your desires.

Trick : Lightly loop your lengths with a curling iron. This will marry your extensions to your natural hair and will guarantee you a hairstyle worthy of Hollywood stars.

High ponytail

To easily make a large and trendy ponytail, think of our trinkets. Just tie your natural hair into a ponytail, prick the bar of your postage at the base of it and wrap a wick around the elastic to hide the fixings. Attach everything with bun pins and voila!

Trick : Give yourself ultra glamorous lengths with a corrugated ponytail or Wavy. Like that, no need to take curling iron!

Glamor waves

To enhance loose hair, nothing like a few princess curls. To make it, brush your hair backwards by tracing a line in the middle. Plate your hair from the forehead to the neck with gel and loop the lengths using a curling iron.

Trick : In order to preserve your extensions or damaged hair, mix the gel with a little repairing serum.

Braid Boxers

Braids (or boxing braids) will be ideal for a sportswear and modern look. To make them, divide your hair into two equal parts (by drawing a line in the middle) and performs two plated braids. Attach them with a discreet elastic and you are ready for the ring!