Remove a failed coloring of your hair

Isn't your new color that you expected? Do not panic, there are solutions to make it leave.


Recolor your hair

Permanent coloring changes your hair in depth. If you don't like your color, glue your hair with a color close to your natural shade will therefore be the fastest way to remedy the problem. Please note, this technique only works if your coloring is clearer than your natural color. For brown, black or red tones you will have to strip.


Hair scrub

The hair scrub (or stripping) removes dark pigments, making your original color reappear. To make it, preferably turn to a professional.

Trick : Even if it is less aggressive than discoloration, the stripping weakens the hair. So remember to pamper your mane with repairing care.


The clarifying shampoo

The clarifying shampoo is used to remove the accumulated residues in your hair and restore shine. It also allows you to drag your color more quickly or remove unsightly reflections. You can make your home concoction by mixing soda bicarbonate with anti-pellicular shampoo (to be carried out at the latest three days after coloring).

Trick : To get rid of yellow reflections, turn to the purple shampoo. This allows you to lighten blond or discolored hair without attacking it.


Cut and let your hair repel

This method requires a lot of patience but will have the advantage of not damaging your hair already weakened by coloring. Remember to regularly cut your tips to gradually get rid of colorful hair. It is also an opportunity to opt for hair extensions that will allow you to find your length of yesteryear.