Protect your extensions during the summer

Sun, sand, salt water ... Going on vacation is not easy for your hair! Here are some tips for keeping top extensions at the pool or the beach.


Clip extensions: they are removed to bathe

THE clip extensions have the advantage of being able to be installed and removed as you wish. This means, however, that they will have to be removed to go dip because the water may reveal your ties. To bathe with mermaid hair, opt instead for Keratin extensions, provided you wash them with a soft shampoo when leaving the water.


Pay attention to UV

The hair fibers are sensitive to UV: in summer, therefore apply a solar treatment on your lengths before going to sunbathe. However, do not use vegetable oil before exposing yourself to the sun, at the risk of turning your hair into straw!

Trick : Slide a small thermo-protector spray into your bag. You will be able to protect your extensions throughout the day.


Think of protective hairstyles

Protective hairstyles allow your hair to be protected from external aggressions. So take advantage of your new lengths to make a beautiful braid or a styled-decorated bun. What to remain trendy while preserving your extensions!

Trick : Avoid going out during the hottest hours, that's when the sun is doing the most damage.


Make nourishing care

Sand, salt water or chlorine dry up the hair: it is therefore essential to feed it well during your vacation. To do this, pamper your hair extensions with a restorative mask at least once a week. You can also have a hydrating serum without rinsing, to apply once or twice a day in your lengths.