Put your hair faster

Want a nice mane for summer? So here are some tips to gain in length!


Make a ginger cure

Used in many countries for its culinary and therapeutic virtues, ginger is an excellent beauty asset for hair! To enjoy its benefits, peel and cut into pieces 500 grams of ginger roots (you will then get two applications). Go to the blender (adding a little water) and filter the juice using a colander. Add a few drops of castor oil to your concoction, pour everything into a spray and apply half your lengths, taking care not to put yourself in your eyes. Leave on an hour and rinse abundantly. For maximum efficiency renew the treatment once a week for a month.


Perform head massages

Nothing like a cranial massage to relax after a tough day. This will also stimulate circulation in the scalp: your hair will therefore grow and will be healthy! To do your massage well, sit down comfortably, the elbows placed on a flat surface. Start by massaging your neck, by performing circular movements at the tip of your fingers and go up to the top of the skull. Repeat the operation once or twice a week.

Trick : Apply a few drops of castor oil before starting. This will feed your hair in depth.


Opt for hair extensions

Nothing like Hair extensions  To buy dream hair in the blink of an eye. Choose clip extensions To change head as you wish, Keratin extensions for a lasting length or a ponytail For an ultra -glamorous hairstyle.