What thickness to choose for your extensions?

How to choose the right thickness for your hair extensions

When it comes to choosing hair extensions, the question of thickness is just as crucial as that of length. The thickness determines the general appearance of your extensions and the effect they will have on your hairstyle. In this article, we will guide you through the process of selecting the perfect thickness for your hair extensions, taking into account our three available volumes: 85 grams, 120 grams and 160 grams.

Consider your hair type

Your natural hair type plays an essential role in choosing the thickness of your extensions. Here are some key considerations:

  • Thin hair : If your natural hair is fine, opt for low thickness hair extensions, such as our volume of 85 grams. Light and fine wicks will get better with your natural hair and integrate it more harmoniously.

  • Normal to thick : If you have normal to thick texture hair, you can choose between our volumes of 85 grams and 120 grams. The two options offer you a balance between thickness and comfort.

  • Very thick hair : If your hair is naturally very thick, the volume of 160 grams can be your ideal choice for perfect harmony.

Consider your goal

The purpose you want to reach with your extensions is also a determining factor.

  • Volume : If your main objective is to add volume to your hairstyle, the volume of 85 grams can already provide additional density to your hair. If you are looking for a more pronounced effect, the volumes of 120 grams and 160 grams offer a denser option.

  • Get length : To obtain both length and volume, opt for thicker extensions. The volumes of 120 grams and 160 grams are adapted to this objective.

Take into account your morphology

Your morphology, including your size and your facial shape, can also guide your choice of thickness.

  • Height : Small women can choose 85 gram hair extensions to avoid appearing submerged. Large women can opt for volumes of 120 grams or 160 grams for a balanced appearance.

  • Face shape : The shape of your face can influence the density of your extensions. The shorter faces often harmonize well with thicker extensions, while longer faces can take advantage of a greater thickness to create a balanced effect.

Take into account your personal style

Your personal style plays an essential role in choosing the thickness of your extensions.

  • Daily style : If you are looking for a discreet daily look, the volume of 85 grams is an excellent choice. It will naturally blend with your hair for a subtle effect.

  • Glamorous style : If you like a more glamorous and daring look, volumes of 120 grams and 160 grams will create a luxurious effect.

In summary, the choice of the thickness of your hair extensions depends on your natural hair type, your hair objectives, your morphology and your personal style. Take the time to consider these factors to choose extensions that will allow you to obtain the desired look. With the right thickness, your hair extensions will help you feel beautiful and confident on every occasion.


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