How to communicate with her hairdresser

Not always easy to speak the same language as her hairdresser! Here are some tips to avoid unpleasant surprises and come out with your dream cup.


Define the length

The hairdressers have very specific terms to talk about the length. So rather than using vague terms like 'just the points' or 'not too short', show him directly where you want to cut. And if you want to be sure you don't lose length, talk about 'refresh your hairstyle' rather than 'cut'.


Bring images

And yes, a photograph will often be much more telling than words! If necessary, your hairdresser will still have also magazines to lend you, do not hesitate to look at this with him. Choose the right color want to change color? Remember that there are a multitudes of blonde, brown or red! A good hairdresser will always show you a color chart and adjust his proposals according to your natural color.

Trick : If you are afraid of regretting your makeover Start by asking for a scan or wicks. This will allow you to add depth and subtlety to your natural color.


Fringe or wick?

Be careful not to confuse fringe and wick! Indeed, a bang will be cut straight on the forehead while a wick will be placed on the side. The latter can also be tapered, long, asymmetrical ... So ask advice on a visacist hairdresser to find out which style will suit your face best.


Express yourself

And yes, the error is human and the misunderstandings arrive. If you are not satisfied with your cut do not hesitate to report it to your hairdresser who will generally be happy to adjust it. After all, he wants you to go with a smile.