What length to choose for your extensions?

How to choose the right length for your hair extensions

If you plan to enhance your hair with extensions, one of the first decisions you will have to make is the length of the wicks you want. The choice of length is essential to obtain the look you want. In this article, we will guide you through the perfect length selection process for your hair extensions.

Consider your goal

First of all, ask yourself what result you would like to get with your extensions. Do you just want to add volume to your existing hair, or do you dream of a long and bulky mane? Your goal will directly influence the choice of length.

  • Medium length : If your goal is to add volume and length to your hair, an average length is ideal. Opt for extensions slightly longer than your natural length for a subtle and elegant look.

  • Long hair : If you have always dreamed of long hair, choose extensions considerably longer than your natural length. Long extensions offer a sensual and glamorous look.

  • Versatile style : For those who like to vary their style, long -to -medium long length extensions are an excellent choice. You can smooth them for a sophisticated look or curl them for a romantic touch.

Our hair extensions are available in varying lengths Between 46 and 56 cm, offering you a wide range of options to get the hairstyle of your dreams.

    Take into account your morphology

    Your morphology also plays an essential role in choosing the length of your extensions.

    • Height : Small women can opt for average length extensions to avoid appearing overwhelmed. Large women can afford longer extensions.

    • Face shape : The shape of your face also influences the length that suits you. Long extensions are generally suitable for oval faces, while shorter faces harmonize well with shorter strands.

    Consider your lifestyle

    Your lifestyle is another determining factor in the choice of the length of your extensions.

    • Interview : Long extensions require more maintenance than short wicks. If you have little time for hair care, opt for shorter extensions.

    • Daily activities : If you lead an active and sporty life, shorter extensions can be more practical. Long extensions are ideal for special occasions.

    • Work : Take into account your work environment. Some professions require a more formal appearance, while others are more relaxed.

    The test cut

    Finally, do not forget that there are extensions to clip or rings that allow you to experiment with different lengths before making a final choice. You can put them temporarily and see how you feel with each length. It's a great way to find the perfect length for you.

    In summary, the choice of the length of your hair extensions depends on your goals, your morphology, your lifestyle and your personal style. Take the time to think about these factors to make an informed decision and get the hair look of your dreams. With the suitable extensions, you will feel beautiful and confident at all times.

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    What length to choose for your extensions


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