Degraded dark brown half-length wig and wavy tips


Discover the half-length degraded and wavy dark brown synthetic wig with tips, a breathtaking option for a fashionable hairstyle in the blink of an eye!

If you are looking to impress with a hairstyle both trendy and affordable, this wig is the ideal solution. She offers a glamorous and natural look at a price that suits all budgets.

Designed to be easy to maintain, this wig will save you time and expenses in styling products. No need to use as much shampoo as for a natural wig. To keep perfect undulations, we just recommend that you unravel with your fingers, thus preserving its impeccable appearance.

Description : 

Kind : Mid-length degraded to wavy tips

Color : #1B

The color #1b dark brown is both deep and sophisticated, adding a touch of mystery to your style. The wavy spikes give an additional charm to this mid-length wig.

This wig is ideal for those who want change your look in a few minutes without sacrificing quality or exceeding their budget. Adopt this breathtaking hairstyle and be at the forefront of fashion without effort or excessive expenses!