Mid-length wig truck in bangs


Discover the mid-length wavy wig with bangs black colored brown, the trendy touch for an instant hairstyle!

Are you looking for a Trendy and effortless look ? Do not look any further ! Our mid-length synthetic wig, withnatural ripples and a fringe Elegant, is the perfect choice for those who want a quick and affordable transformation.

Designed to adapt to All budgets, this wig offers an incredibly realistic result at an accessible price. You don't have to sacrifice the quality To follow the latest trends.

Her interview is a disconcerting simplicity. No need for a multitude of expensive products: simple detangling with your fingers is enough to preserve the magnificent undulations. It is also an alternative more sustainable And economic Compared to a natural wig that requires expensive and constant care.

Description : 

Kind : Wavy in bangs

Color : #1-33

Color #1-33, a Black meched brown, add a unique dimension to your look. Brown locks bring heat and depth to black, creating a striking combination that attracts the eye.

Do not wait any longer to adopt this style in vogue. With our mid-length wig wavy bangs in dark brown, Transform yourself in a moment without emptying your wallet. Fashion has never been so accessible!