Raideed darkened dark brown wig



Explore the long -degraded steep dark brown synthetic wig, a sensational option for a trendy hairstyle in an instant!

If you are looking for a hairstyle that is both breathtaking and economical, this wig is the ideal solution. She offers a natural appearance at an affordable price, adapted to small budgets.

Her maintenance is simple, allowing you to save time and money in styling products. No need to use as much shampoo as with a natural wig. 

Thanks to its impressive 76 cm length, you will benefit from a hairstyle that attracts looks. With a weight of 270 grams, it is comfortable to wear, and its degraded steep design adds a dimension modern to your style.

With this wig, Be ready to dazzle with a hairstyle that distinguishes you. It embodies the perfect combination of elegance and the economy, offering you a sensational look without hassle or excessive expenses!

Description : 

Length : 76 cm

Weight : 270 grams

Color#6/8 Brown

This wig is distinguished by its color #6/8 brown, which brings a touch of warmth and elegance to your look.